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Our beer is made with award-winning water.

In 2015, Easthampton won the gold medal for best tasting water in the 16th annual Great American Water Taste Test.

Easthampton's water comes from the Barnes Aquifer system, a complex of several productive aquifers extending about twelve miles underground. The Barnes Aquifer is made up of sediment deposited by streams flowing off the ice of melting glaciers that covered our region numerous times over the last 2 million years.

These melting glaciers eventually formed a vast glacial lake, At its maximum, this lake, now known as Lake Hitchcock, extended from central Connecticut northward to St. Johnsbury in Vermont.

Over time, erosion caused the lake to drain, exposing the sediments that make up the Barnes Aquifer. The lake also left behind layers of clay that protect the groundwater below, keeping it pure and fresh.

We like to think better water makes better beer, and we think you'll agree.