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Fort Hill Brewery was established in 2013 in Easthampton, MA by a small group of friends who like to brew. Our goal is to provide the Pioneer Valley region with the best traditional German-style lager beer for a clean, refreshing taste you'll always come back to.

Meet the Crew


Eric Berzins founded Fort Hill in Easthampton partly for the city's delicious, environmentally protected water, but largely because he was enamored with the community's friendliness and sense of welfare that everyone under Mt. Tom shows.

Eric enjoys mountain biking, skiing, and yoga.




Start a brewery, they said. It will be fun, they said.
— Eric

Striker is the plant engineer keeping the production side in top shape. Prior to becoming a brewer and resident technical guru Striker served in the USAF.






That’s a DIN 32676 Series C tri-clamp.
— Striker